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art performance with live music and sound mirror


Olivier Bovy (Stavelot, 1979) lives and works in Liège, Belgium. In his research and achievements, he questions the human body or more precisely its position and its interaction with the world. Sober and enigmatic, his works function as aesthetic elements with a communication function. They invite close contact and even active participation from the spectator.

Olivier Bovy holds a master's degree in painting from Saint-Luc in Antwerp (2003) and a bachelor's degree in painting from Saint-Luc in Liège (2001). He is the author of several public sculpture integrations, including "Il y a quelqu'un dans la pièce" au Sart Tilman (2019), "Sons de cloche" à Marchin (2019) and the Stavelot roundabout (2017) among others. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, including "Au gré des courants" at the Galerie de Wégimont (2018), "Corps liquide" at the Galerie Juvénal in Huy (2017), "Arts et métaux" at the Château de Jehay (2014), etc. His works appear in several collections including La Boverie and the Space Collection in Liège. Finally, Olivier Bovy was awarded the 8th Prize for Young Sculpture by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (2015).


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